It's best to park at P4. When P4 is full, there will be a sign that will lead
you to next best option.



We have started

The time has come, we've started building the expo.
This also means that we now have less time to respond to emails and
social media posts.
Of course we do our utmost to answer everyone.

See you in Maastricht!



Daylight saving time

On Saturday night (2am of Sunday morning) the clock will be shift to 3am.
Unfortunately, this also means 1 hour less sleep.



Onny's Tattoo

Once again present at our expo, and we are very happy with that, is Onny's Tattoo.
She has been drawing and painting for as long as she can remember.
Regarding her style, she prefers to do color and black and white (sur)realism
with a
little bit of her own twist, but in principle she can tattoo anything you want.

Onny knows how to deliver a beautiful work of art every time. It is not for nothing
that she is supported by our regular tattoo supplier,

Whether color or black and white, she can do it all.
Also check out her Instagram to see more of all that beauty.



Layout hall/participants

We have made a layout for all stands of Tattoo Expo Maastricht.

All stand numbers are listed behind the names on the participants page.
This way you can find everyone's position on the layout.

Below you can see a small photo. Click on the photo to enlarge.




Jamie Ris

The Ris family has been coming to our conventions for years. And we are very happy
with this, because they are not only very sweet people, they are also tattoo artists in heart
and soul.

This is Jamie Ris.
Jamie was infected with the passion for tattooing by his parents. At the age of ten he made
his first tattoo, and that's how his love for tattooing started.

In addition, he also had a great passion for graffiti / character design, which he has
brought to a unique fusion over the years.

Tattooing is a beautiful form of art, according to Jamie, because the art form is combined
with a social aspect, but in addition to tattooing, he also likes to work at home on paper
and canvas in his spare time.



Pounamu workshop

During the workshop, participants have the opportunity to work with the ancient stone
by hand with a series of wet and dry polishes, finishing with the whiri (plaiting) where
by each participant leaves wearing their pounamu.

These Wãnanga (workshops) are about creating a relationship between you and your
taonga (amulet) and the esoteric understanding of the origins of pounamu. The healing
nature of the stone and it's relationship to the wearer is also explored to give a full
understanding of each persons pounamu.

When the pounamu is in contact with your body it is a focus for your energy both healing
and protective.

"Pounamu is a legacy of the past, for the present and future".

If you'd like to join the workshop you must email Larissa.

There's room for 10 people.
The workshop lasts a few hours and at the end you will of course get to take your pounamu home.



Staal and Inkt - Piercings

Staal en Inkt from Heerlen will be at the expo again this year.
Like eachyear, they take care of the piercings at Tattoo Expo Maastricht.
In addition to piercing, they will also bring their high-quality jewelry. So whether you want to
get a piercing or are looking for a new piece of jewelry, Staal en Inkt can help you.



Kensho Ⅱ - Traditional Japanese Tattoo

Kensho has been tattooing since 2003 as a specialized traditional Japanese tattoo artist.
He works by the traditional Japanese hand poke tattoo method, Tebori. The instruments he
uses for Tebori are called Sashibo.

Irezumi (刺青) means tattoo in Japanese and has existed since the late Edo era (300/400 years ago)
There are additional Japanese Japanese words with same meaning such as: Horimono, Shisei,
Monmon, Gaman, however Irezumi is most commonly used.

The literal translation of Tebori(手彫り) is hand carving.
The meaning of the word “Tebori" in tattooing is said to have originated from the similarity
of the movement of Tebori to engraving woodblocks for ukiyo-e prints.

The tool used for tattooing by Tebori is called Sashibo or Nomi (hereafter sashibo).
The literal translation of Sashibo is a poking stick and Nomi is a chisel. There was no tattoo equipment
back in the days, so Japanese tattoo artists created their own tools through trial and error.

Sashibo is a stick with a bundle of needles wrapped around the end of it with thread or tape.
Although it looks simple, the thickness and shape of the stick and the knowledge of how to bundle the
needles are basically a secret by each tattoo artist/family.

Member of Traditional Japanese Tattoo association.



25-01-2023 Foundation was founded in the summer of 2022 by me, Myriam.
Still recovering from my own encounter with breast cancer and a double
mastectomy in 2021 I started to feel a little meaningless.
My body needs more time, but my ever spinning mind got bored.

I was reading about a non profit in the United States helping women get
a tattoo after breast cancer and was like, why don’t we have that in Europe?
And BOOM, here it is! is helping women who had breast cancer surgery to get a tattoo.
To feel beautiful, to end this dark chapter of their lives, to regain control over
their body. Single mastectomy, double mastectomy, reconstructed or flat; all

We are building a network with skilled and trusted tattoo artists all over Europe
and we will organize Tittoo-tattoo days every October where women will
receive a tattoo.

Empowering breast cancer warriors through a tattoo.



Best wishes

The year is almost over, so time for a little retrospective.

Unfortunately we have not been able to organize a convention for the last 2 years.
At first we were not allowed to and later it was simply not possible.

Too many restrictions to organize our conventions the way we want to.
But now we're allowed again!

Last September we first had the Amsterdam Tattoo Convention.
A new and cool location, which came with the some challenges, but all in all it was
a successful event.
There were some surprises and imperfections, but we will take
that into next year.
In any case, it was nice to see everyone together again and to see all those tattoo
artists at work.
There were only good people!

Next March we can finally organize our beloved Tattoo Expo Maastricht again.
There we can meet new people and see old familiar faces again, and we are really
looking forward to that!

Registration for Maastricht is still open, so if you are interested, sign
up via the link below.
- Stand Request



Brent McCown

Brent McCown will join us again at Tattoo Expo Maastricht.

Brent is a well known Maori tattoo artist from New Zealand.
He does machine tattoos & traditional Tatau by hand.

He’s not coming alone though, he’s bringing two friends along.

- Whānau Te Kaha
Te Kaha’s pounamu pieces have gained a reputation nationally
and internationally for their beautiful finish, balance and mauri.
His pounamu are held in private collections in Aotearoa and overseas.

- Anaru
Anaru, is a traditional Māori healer and practitioner in the ancient
healing art of Romiromi.

* Update
You can follow their travels via their Instagram

Brent McCown
Brent McCown

Whānau Te Kaha





Staal en Inkt will be present again this year to perform piercings at the expo.
And of course we are very happy with this.

In addition to piercing, they also bring their high quality jewelry.
They only pierce with hand polished jewelry made from implantgrade titanium
or solid gold.
This jewelry is made of a controlled and certified material that meets the ASTM
international standards (American society for testing and
materials international)
and have an internal thread (internally threatened)
or are wireless (threadless).




We're back!

We are back and registration is open!
If you're a tattoo artist and/or vendor who would like to
join us at Tattoo Expo Maastricht, please sign up through our stand request form.
When your request is approved we'll send you all details regarding the convention.

March 25 and 26, 2023
MECC Maastricht



New date!

It’s with great sadness that we have to announce that
Tattoo Expo Maastricht 2022 cannot take place.

All the developments of the past year, due to Covid-19, have made it
impossible for the convention to take place.
We were hopeful, because some time ago it all seemed to be going
in the right direction, until the Omicron variant held the country in
lock down again. The accompanying restrictions, regulations, lock
downs and doubts among the participants simply make it impossible to
organize a convention. Unfortunately.

This means that we will move the convention to March 25 and 26, 2023.
We very much hope that it can continue by then. We will not give up and
will do our utmost to finally be able to get together again next year..