Timetable for the tattoo contests:

Saturday 25/03/2023
20:00 - Old School & Color & Lettering/Text tattoos (registration till 19:50)
21:15 - Best of Day tattoos (registration till 21:10)

Sunday 26/03/2023
16:00 - Back-pieces & Sleeves & Dot Work tattoos (registration till 15:45)
17:30 - Black and Grey & Oriental & Tribal/Etnic tattoos (registration till 17:15)
19:00 - Best of Day tattoos (registration till 19:00)
19:45 - Best of Show tattoos (between best of Saturday & Sunday)
            Will ONLY take place when both 2 winners are on stage!!!

Participants need to register ON TIME at the information stand. Participating cost €5,-.
You will receive a number which will be announced during the contest. Make sure you
are on stage in time!
Numbers will be called on stage so the jury can look at the tattoo. The tattoo will also
be presented to the public (and photographed).

From each category the best 2 tattoos will be called to the podium and then the winner
will be announced.
Only then you are allowed to name the artist who created the tattoo.

The winning artist will receive a small prize.

Rules for participation in the tattoo competitions;

1. The name of the artist who made the tattoo should stay secret up untill the moment
    of winning the contest (to prevent any claim of favoritism).

2. Participating price per contest is €5,-.
3. Participating automatically authorizes the organization of making photos and to use
    them free of charge on the convention websites/social media/Ink Style Magazine/etc.
4. For the category Best of Day; the making of the tattoo must have started and ended
    at the convention – on that exact day.

NAME PARTICIPANT: _______________________________

SIGNATURE FOR AGREEING/ACCEPTING THOSE ROLLS: ________________________________