Kensho The Second specializes in the traditional Japanese method of tattooing "TEBORI".

His master is Honke Horiyoshi (Kensho Muramatsu) who is son of Horiyoshi The First and
elder brother of Horiyoshi The Second.

TEBORI requires a great deal of experience and practice, and Kensho The Second began
his apprenticeship in 2000 following the strict system for Japanese apprenticeship.
He observed the technique from his master and experimented on his own skin.

Tattoo method & Instruments:
TEBORI : traditional Japanese hand-poke tattoo technique. TE (手) meaning "hand" and
BORI (彫り) meaning "carve"(TEBORI looks like hand carving, that's why).
The instruments are Sashibo. These are bundled needles fixed to a rod of a suitable size.
Traditional Japanese tattoo has began since Edo era(about 400 years ago). There is lots
of meaning each subject, story, rules.
TEBORI means less pain, less skin damage, less bleeding and the skin heals quicker than
tattoo machine tattoos. It also gives you strong and deep colour without the ink coming out.



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