Maastricht Tattoo Convention 2018 - News


Lay out for Tattoo Expo Maastricht 2018


2019 6th international Tattoo Expo Maastricht.

It's only a couple of days before we start with Tattoo Expo Maastricht 2018,
but we already have the new date for our 2019 edition.
In 2019 the Tattoo Expo Maastricht will be held from the 16th until the 17th of February.
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A combination of Funk, R&B, Reggae, Latin feeling and a great sense of humor
on stage is what MOSQUITO is all about.

A band formed in 2004 with Theo "Mosquito" Taihitu (guitar) ,
Albert "Buddy" La Fontaine (drums) and Gonzalo Crespo (guitar), and different bass players. 
Theo ‘Mosquito’ Taihitu, Albert ‘Buddy’ La Fontaine and Gregorio ‘Gregosaurius Rex’ Rangel,
will take you on a trip around the world.

They incorporate their ‘Tex-Mex’ flavour in an eclectic mix of musical styles from all around the world.
For this journey you don’t need a ticket to ride, just a whole lotta imagination. Whether Theo,
Buddy and Greg take you to Jamaica,
Cuba or California, they guarantee party pleasure.
You can rest assured that their show will be fresh, original and packed with smiles all over.

Enjoy the positive vibes and step on board of the Mosquito Train and don't be afraid
to get bit because they sure bite but.....
Their bite doesn't itch!!!!



Suspension act

We have the first act for Tattoo Expo Maastricht 2018.

The sweet people of Staal en Inkt shall perform 1 suspension act a day.

A suspension is the act of suspending a human body from hooks that have been put
through body piercings.
The process is very delicate and is typically done carefully by an experienced individual
or professional of the field in order to avoid serious injury.

suspension act


From today registrations are open again for Tattoo Expo Maastricht 2018

Click on the link below and fill in the request form.

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