Christina Colour

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Meet Christina from Carbon INK Tattoo Norway


Christina, a renowned artist from Carbon INK Tattoo, will be at the convention with her studio team. Known for her vibrant colors and intricate designs, Christina specializes in creating custom tattoos that reflect your unique style. She excels in both lively color work and timeless Black n' Grey designs.


Her expertise includes realism, watercolor, sacred geometry/mandala, dotwork, blackwork, and portrait tattoos.  Christina is also skilled in freehand tattooing, designing directly on the skin for a unique and personal touch. Additionally, she is adept at cover-ups, transforming old or unwanted tattoos into fresh, new art.


Fun fact: Christina loves green plants!


Visit the convention to meet Christina and see how she can bring your tattoo ideas to life. Consultations and appointments are available by email.

General info

Christina Colour - Carbon INK Tattoo
Name:Christina Colour


  1. Realistic
  2. Geometric
  3. DOT work