Eduardo Elenzano

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Dragon Edong aka Ka Edong, tattooing since 1980. Specialized in Filipino handtapping called Batek and Japanese Tebori. Born and raised in Philippines with Ilocano and Tagalog bloodline, a descendant of Filipino warriors and National Hero. Blessed to continue the legacy of Phlippine Traditional Batek by Apo Whang Od, the oldest living traditional tattoo artist. Western Pacific Best during the time in Northern Mariana Islands and Guam's Best Tattoo Artist. A multi-awarded and well known locally and internationally. Specialized in Black & Gray realism . Dragon Edong Tatu studio is located in Crestview, Florida USA. 

General info

Eduardo Elenzano - Dragon Edong Tatu
Name:Eduardo Elenzano


  1. Hand tapping/ Maori / Polynesian / Borneo
  2. Tabori / Oriental
  3. Black & Grey