Kris Tang

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I specialize in abstract and curvilinear styles. I can incorporate intangible emotions, time, and stories into the landscapes of nature to present tattoos.


Attempting to transform the insights felt in our lives.

into visual language and slowly planting and preserving the present.

Abstract curves and representative marks.


I will listen to and understand the needs of the client, and fully engage in creation.

Generate and develop new perspectives.

Every imagination sparks and blends.

As if part of the soul touches other lives.

And the life stories and connections experienced and tempered.


Take action and tattooing.

Whether it is to visualize as a source of future motivation.

Or as a summary and record of the present moment.

Actually, it is about sorting out one's own experiences.


If you like this creative method and concept, let's spark imagination together.

Through sharing concepts, experience creating with passion for life.

Hope that the act and process of tattooing.

Can become a medium for exploring the world together.

Wherever it reaches, it is filled with gratitude.

And thank you for all the movement and pauses.

General info

Kris Tang - GazelleTattoo HongKong
Name:Kris Tang
City:Hong Kong


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  2. Own style