Lin Yu Chen

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Handpoke studio since 2019.


Handpoke holds textures of a sketch or a print. Needle by needle, this handcrafting process connects dots into lines and then, lines into shapes. 


With a Chinese ink and calligraphy background, my practice looks into the strength and fluency of lines, also finding warmth and closeness in shared stories and mutual love for tattoo drawings. With my past engagement with art therapy, I hope to explore reflections of our inner selves, engraving these images onto the bodies and minds of ours.


For Tattoo Expo Amsterdam, I will be sharing a special selection of Chinese blended characters, seal scripts, and other kinds of designs. I am eager to meet new friends of different cultures, exchange ideas, and pass on my culture to you.


General info

Lin Yu Chen - L'Onda tattoo
Name:Lin Yu Chen


  1. DOT work
  2. Lettering
  3. Sketch