Thaís de Melo Ferreira Blanc

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"Art like poetry that blooms like flowers in my soul"

Thais creates soulful tattoo artwork with her clients' desires at the centre of her work. Her expertise encompasses delicate, botanical, ornamental, black, fine line and dotwork tattoos. With over 10 years as a professional artist in locations around the world and the UK, Thais has chosen to make her home in Edinburgh since 2018, after falling in love with Scotland.

Mentored by the amazing @alanramone

Thais apprenticed for 2 years at an old school traditional tattoo studio in panema, Rio de Janeiro, before launching her own tattoo career. Her artistic influences extend to artists inside and outside of tattooing.

Thais continually creates new designs which can be selected and customised for a particular client. These are unique artworks which are not used again for anyone else. Alternatively, Thais can bring to life a client's ideas with a custom drawing.

If you have an idea for a tattoo and want to work with an artist who will listen and take time to get it just right|

General info

Thaís de Melo Ferreira Blanc - Angelic Hell Tattoo
Name:Thaís de Melo Ferreira Blanc


  1. Black Work
  2. Geometric
  3. DOT work