The contests are divided in the following categories and open for the visitors (participating is possible also with “old” tattoos – excl. best of day/days):

Friday 13/09/2024
18.30 - LETTERING/TEXT tattoos & BACK-PIECE tattoos (registration till 18.15)
19.45 - Miss tattoo NL & Mister tattoo NL – most tattooed local visitor (registration till 19.30)
20.15 - BEST OF DAY (registration till 21.00)

Saturday 14/09/2024
17.00 - COLOR tattoos & OLD SCHOOL tattoos (registration till 16.45)
18.45 - ORIENTAL tattoos & DOT work tattoos (registration till 18.30)
20.00 - BEST OF DAY (registration till 21.00)

Sunday 15/09/2024
15.00 - SLEEVES tattoos & TRIBE / TRIBAL (incl. “black works”) tattoos (registration till 14.45)
16.30 - BLACK &GRAY (registration till 16.15)
18.00 - BEST "tattooed"/painted wooden shoe (registration till 17.30) – just for stand holders!
18.15 - BEST OF DAY (registration till 19.00)
19.30 - BEST OF 2 or 3 days tattoos (registration till 19.00)       
19.45 - BEST OF SHOW (competition between 3 best of days & best of 2-3 days)

Will only take place when all 4 winners are present.
The participant must register at the info stand (5,00€). The participant will get a number. At a certain time he/she must be present next to the stage. At that time the participant will be called to the stage and the jury will look at the tattoo.

Every category must have at least 7 participants to proceed.
The tattoo will be judged for design, artwork, composition, placement, proportion and originality. After the judging the 3 best judged tattoo’s in the category will be called to the stage. ONLY then the participant can reveal the name of the artist. The artist will receive an award (1st & 2nd places). 

Rules for participating:
1 - The name of the artist MUST NOT be revealed until after the judging (to prevent any favoritism or personal preferences).
2 - Participating costs €5,00
3 - Participating automatically authorizes taking pictures and publishing on our convention websites, Facebook, Instagram, tattoo magazines, etc. – without any right of compensation.
4 - Best of day/days category: the tattoo must be completely (start to finish) done at the convention and on the relevant day.
5 - Best of 2 or 3 days category: started and finished at the convention.