Stand request - Amsterdam

Please read the information below carefully before sending in your stand request!!!

Our tattoo participant list is currently full. (Commercial stands are still available)
You can still register for a tattoo stand, but then you will be placed on our waiting list.
If a stand becomes available, we may still approach you for the vacant spot.

Within minutes after sending this stand request you will receive a registration confirmation by email.

Please note: Our mail to you will be sent from our website. Therefore the mail can sometimes be seen as spam. So please keep a close eye on your spam folder!!

The stand request code you will receive from us is very important. This will be your ID code used by us. You will also have to mention this code when making your stand payment. Please do not email us any questions/remarks without stating this code (we will not be able to answer you!).

We need some time to process all stand requests. You will hear back from us about your registration as soon as we can, there is no need for sending us reminders. Please do not make any double stand requests and use the contact form for questions and remarks. Thank you!

Please fill out separate requests for each artist when requesting for multiple artists.
Don’t forget to mention you are from the same group.

15 Sep - 17 Sep 2023 - Amsterdam Tattoo Convention
(No site? Place here the url to your Facebook or Instagram)

IMPORTANT: Please make sure the links you filled out above are complete and working correctly, before sending the stand request. Stand requests with incomplete or broken links can not be processed by us and will be deleted!

Would like to stand if possible near: