Anjelika & Sissi

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Hi my name is Sissi Tang,

My specialism is in traditional Chinese art, fine-line or east asian themed tattoos. 
Born and raised in the Netherlands, but my heritage is Chinese and I’ve been on my journey to rediscover and bond with the ancient arts of China. 
Art runs deep in my bloodline, and I’d like rto continue the expression in my artwork as a tattoo artist. 
I'd like to introduce my Chinese tattoo ritual with you. For the ones that seek an unique design that does justice to your story.
Also discovering knowledge of the tattoo history of China is something that I’m passionate about, and would love to share with the audience in the Netherlands.

See you soon,

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Anjelika & Sissi - Inkstitution
Name:Anjelika & Sissi


  1. Tabori / Oriental
  2. Own style


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