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I will be joining this amazing new experience with the shop artistic needle from Haarlem. NL.

Im RONY Italian artist tattooing here in the Netherlands since 2017 

I love doing black works, tribe, heavy black, fantasy and culture/meaningful concepts

at the moment I didn't schedule any appointments,yet .

'I'm able the half day of the first day Friday, and the full day Saturday, 15 &16 September 2023.

fell free to contact me via my both links, check also my designs page and what is on a discounted price with "wanna do" label.

links: Instagram portfolio or Facebook page you will find the direct bottons on my insert here .

i will get in touch as soon as I get the messages in order.

or eventually for particular bookings: ronyartink2@gmail.com 

General info

Ramona - Rony Roy


  1. Black & Grey
  2. Tabori / Oriental
  3. Own style
  4. Other


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