Simone Perini

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Simone Perini is an Italian tattoo artist from Bari, south Italy.
Art in all its forms has fascinated and intrigued him since he was a child, so much that he chose a school career entirely dedicated to it.

in 2016 Simone got into tattooing at the age of 15.
In his art career he worked alongside graphic designers, photographers, sculptures and painters, which has given him a very wide knowledge of the art world.

in 2020 he was the apprentice of Marco Matarese at the Puro Tattoo Studio in Milan, and since then, Simone is been traveling around Europe as guest tattoo artist.

Currently resident artist in Gabriele Pellerone's studio, Shaderland tattoo in Milan 

General info

Simone Perini
Name:Simone Perini


  1. Black & Grey
  2. Free hand
  3. Own style


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