Jemma Paige O’Brien

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My whole life revolves around this beautiful art form. I am blessed to do what I do every day and am incredibly excited to make some beautiful works of Inkart at the Amsterdam Tattoo Convention.
I can and do tattoo in pretty much all styles, however my happiest place is realism and more specifically Colour realism.
I will be posting designs available to book for the convention as well as have designs availabl, for bookings please either WhatsApp or email me with your ideas, placement and size. We can then take it from there.

see you in September 

General info

Jemma Paige O’Brien - A Journey Through Ink
Name:Jemma Paige O’Brien


  1. Black & Grey
  2. Realistic
  3. DOT work
  4. Watercolor
  5. Allround


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