Waiting list.

The entry list is currently full.
However, it is still possible to register.

When you register you will automatically be added to our waiting list.
We can use this waiting list to give registrations a place in the event of cancellations.

You can register via the link below.

- Stand request form



We have started!

The first contracts have now been sent and we even have a number of them back.

Have you signed up already  but haven't heard anything back?
That's possible, just have a little bit patience.
We're currently also very busy with the preparations for our other expo.
- Tattoo Expo Maastricht

Maybe good to know, sometimes our emails end up in the spam folder.
So keep an eye on this too, please.

We try our best to answer everyone as soon as possible.



Stand request is open!

And then finally it's December 1st, the day that its possible to make your stand request again.
Hip, hip, hurray!
At the top of the page you will find the stand request button.

But you can also just click on the link below...
- Stand request form



Stand Request.

On the 1st of December we will open the Stand Request button for the 2023 edition.
Later we will also make posts about this on our socials.

We hope to see you then!