Space availability

This year our tattoo booths got sold out faster than usual.
Ofcourse this is good news for us, but for a lot of you guys not so good news.
We still get send a lot of stand requests. These requests will be put on our
waiting list, but mind you, this list al already loooong.

There's still the possibily to make a stand request when you're a vendor
and/or have a service that fits our convention well.
Just click the link and make your stand request.

- Stand request




We are very happy that Wendy Hoek van Bentum will be present again this year.

Each year she surprises us with her masterpieces. The way she transforms
a body into a true masterpiece is of an unprecedented high level.
There's a reason
she has all those prizes in her prize cabinet.
So excited to see what she manages to make this year.

Wendy is regularly looking for models and assistants, so keep an eye on our socials.



The Brunson Family

We have a tattoo legend this year.
None other than Dana Brunson will be present at Amsterdam Tattoo Convention 2023.

A small introduction.

Dana Brunson has tattooed for 51 years.
He apprenticed with D.C. Paul in Fayetteville, NC in 1971 after returning from Vietnam.
D.C. Paul learned from Huck Spaulding and Paul Rogers, a lineage to be proud of.

Dana taught his wife Dot, who tattooed for 30 years and their son Jason, who tattooed
for 25 years; collectively over 100 years of tattoo experience. They all worked together at
their shop, Tattoo Designs by Dana in Cincinnati, Ohio.
They were fortunate to have met and known many of the old timers that came before:
Paul Rogers, Lathan Connelly, Lyle Tuttle, Philadelphia Eddie, Bowery Stan Moskowitz,
Cliff Raven, and Don Nolan.
They were even more honored to have met Artoria Gibbons, the amazing tattooed lady.

As a family they have collected tattoo history for years, assembling a collection of tattoo
machines, flash sheets, travel boxes, business cards, photos, carnival tarps, and all
things tattoo related. They have been caretakers of these treasures, sharing with many
who have visited the shop in Cincinnati.

What got you interested in tattooing in the first place?

Dana: A twist in the road. I came back from Vietnam, had a year and a half to do at Fort Bragg,
went with a guy and watched him get a tattoo and I thought Wow, that’s weird… So I started
asking how you learned, and I ended up as an apprentice there. I didn’t even want a tattoo.
I just thought it’d be interesting. But when I learned, it was almost like you could’ve been a
witch doctor and been just about as popular. There just weren’t any.
There were two at Fort Bragg, the biggest Army base in the United States. And now there’s
probably a couple dozen. I was the only shop in town in Cincinnati, and now there’s 50 or 60.



Colin Dale

Born 1965 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada to a Scandianvian father and
artisan mother so he learned at an early age the importance of art and culture.
Colin's parents were a foster family to special needs children (native Indian,
handicapped, etc.) so he was already introduced to native culture, history and
art as a child.

Colin studied fine art and theatre in high school before travelling to Europe and Asia.
He returned to Canada to complete a University degree in Fine Arts specializing in
drawing and photography. It was during this time he became interested in Rock Art.
Both the petroglyphs/pictographs of his native Canada as well as the "helleristninger"
and rune stones of his Scandinavian ancestry.

Colin re-immigrated to Denmark in 1991, where he pursued a career as a Graphic
Artist and Medical Illustrator, before meeting Erik Reime. Colin's understanding of body
musculature and love of rock art, fit well with Erik's artistic direction as a tattooist, and
Colin was quickly taken as an apprentice at Kunsten pa Kroppen.

After several years of learning the basic skills of hand and machine tattooing, Colin
began travelling again to destinations as far away as French Polynesia... exchanging
and discussing techniques with tattoo masters from Borneo, Samoa and Tahiti.
Colin's research has helped to reintroduce the lost tattooing techniques of the Nordic,
Native American and Inuit cultures.
His work has been illustrated in various books, magazines and documentary programs.

After 12 and a half years, Colin decided to open his own studio/gallery, "Skin & Bone"
on New Years day 2010... where he could provide a meeting place to share experience
and continue to work alongside other ethnographic artists and tattooists from all over
the world.

Colin continues to travel and promote cultural tattooing throughout the world.



Waiting list.

The entry list is currently full.
However, it is still possible to register.

When you register you will automatically be added to our waiting list.
We can use this waiting list to give registrations a place in the event of cancellations.

You can register via the link below.

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We have started!

The first contracts have now been sent and we even have a number of them back.

Have you signed up already  but haven't heard anything back?
That's possible, just have a little bit patience.
We're currently also very busy with the preparations for our other expo.
- Tattoo Expo Maastricht

Maybe good to know, sometimes our emails end up in the spam folder.
So keep an eye on this too, please.

We try our best to answer everyone as soon as possible.



Stand request is open!

And then finally it's December 1st, the day that its possible to make your stand request again.
Hip, hip, hurray!
At the top of the page you will find the stand request button.

But you can also just click on the link below...
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Stand Request.

On the 1st of December we will open the Stand Request button for the 2023 edition.
Later we will also make posts about this on our socials.

We hope to see you then!