MC colors (or “look a likes”) are not permitted!

Opening hours for visitors:
Friday September 15th 2023:                     13:00 – 22:00 (exhibitors from 8:00)
Saturday September 16th 2023:                11:00 – 22:00 (exhibitors from 10:00)
Sunday September 17th 2023:                   11:00 – 20:00 (exhibitors from 10:00)

Friday 16th - € 10,=.
Saturday 17th - € 15,=.
Sunday 18th - € 15,=
Weekend pass (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) - € 35,=

Children until 11 years old have free entrance – one child per adult and under their
own supervision.
Tickets are sold at the venue only.

Entry wristband must be put on immediately after payment.
This will be checked! Without wristband you will be send away.

The convention hall is suitable for people in a wheelchair.
Pictures can be taken during the convention for private purposes, however, always ask
permission to the person being photographed.
Nice pictures are always welcome – send them to and maybe
you’ll see your pictures featured on our website!

Tattoo Competition:
Every category must have at least 10 participants to proceed. At the competition best of
show, all 3 best-of day’s must be present. The jury will look at the tattoos without knowing
the name of the artist who made it. For this reason, it is very important not to tell the name
of the artist at the registration. The tattoo will be judged for design, artwork, composition,
placement, proportion and originality.
Participating in a category costs €5,00.

Do you want to get tattooed at the convention?
It’s best to make an appointment with your desired artist beforehand. To contact the artists
you can find their website and social media on their profile on the participants page.
Walk-ins are also possible at the convention. Don’t use alcohol or drugs at least 24 hours
before you get tattooed and don’t forget to eat and drink!

Ira Lutvica van Piercings Works will be piercing during the convention.
Do you have special requests/questions, you can contact her through

You are not allowed to bring animals into the convention venue, to smoke
inside and to eat/drink inside tattoo stands.
There is a separate place to eat and drink, in accordance with
the Dutch GG&GD healthcare guidelines for tattoo and piercing.

It is not permitted for visitors to sell/promote/offer ANY product/services at the convention.
Glass bottles are not allowed in the convention hall!!! Weapons/knives and alcohol brought along willbe confiscated.
Hall is smoke and (open) fire free.

Each visitor can/may be checked at the entrance for your and our safety.
Glass bottles, weapons, drugs and alcohol are not permitted and will be confiscated!

Last but not least –

The organization is not responsible for appointments made between artists and visitors
and sold/bought products (or any other provided service).

All information on the convention website is provided to the best knowledge.
Last minute changes can be made.