Lady Livai

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I am an Italian tattoo artist specialized in Cartoon Tattoos.

In the past I worked in diffent Tattoo Studios in Italy with the opportunity to explore most styles.

Over time I have specialized in what was always one of my greatest passions: Anime!

Now I'm traveling around the world working as guest, participating in seminars from Disney, Marvel, DC Comics and private lessons in Tokyo about manga.


If you like my works but you don't want a cartoon tattoo, feel free to contact me, all the same :)
We will find together the perfect way to realize your idea and make your unique tattoo!


You can reach me on my Instagram, where you can find some of my works and contact me for a free consultation :D

General info

Lady Livai
Name:Lady Livai


  1. New School
  2. Cartoon
  3. Black & Grey
  4. Lettering
  5. DOT work
  6. Own style
  7. Other
  8. Watercolor
  9. Allround