Anna Niinimäki

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Hi, I´m Anna Niinimäki from Finland and as an artist I love to do tattoos that has bright colors and that has the look of a painting or imaginary things. Watercolor & paint effects and small fineline details are my thing and I like to combine different styles into one. My style is mainly my own mixing of different color techniques though I can do also tattoos from black & grey into dot work. 

General info

Anna Niinimäki - Dextera Dei Tattoo
Name:Anna Niinimäki
Address:Safiirikuja 5


  1. Old School / Traditional
  2. New School
  3. Cartoon
  4. Black & Grey
  5. Trash Polka
  6. DOT work
  7. Own style
  8. Other
  9. Watercolor


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