Aman Durga Sipatiti

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Borneo Tattoo - Tedak Kayan and Tutang Ngaju.

Mentawai Tattoo - Ti'ti Mentawai.

Traditional handtapping tattoo techniques using:

Ulang and Tukul Tedak for Borneo tattooing.

Pati'ti and Lilippat for Mentawai tattooing.

All freehand designed based on tradition and original motifs/patterns.


Practicing traditional handtapping since 2007.

More than 1 dekade of personal tattoo researches of Mentawai tattoos and Borneo tattoos.

General info

Aman Durga Sipatiti - Durga Tattoo
Name:Aman Durga Sipatiti


  1. Tribal / Ethnic
  2. Hand tapping / Sak Yan