Tattoo stands are sold out!

The tattoo stands are sold out!

Yes, you read that right, sold out. And it's only May!

Normally this wouldn't go that fast of course, but actually it's not fast at all,
it's slow, because in a sense this is the postponed convention of 2020.
Many participants who registered in 2020 have been moved on to 2021
and ultimately to 2022.

You can still register though, because we have a back-up list for when
booths become available. However, we cannot promise anything.

We still have some commercial stands available.



Change of end time

Because many people will travel by ferry, we have decided to bring the end time on
Friday and Saturday back by one hour.
In this way we hope that everyone can take the ferry home on time.



New date for 2022

We are happy to announce our new date for next year.

The convention will be held on 16/17/18 september 2022.
Still at NDSM Loods in Amsterdam North.

Make your Stand Request through our Stand Request form.

Opening hours for visitors:
Friday September 16th 2022:                     13:00 – 22:00 (exhibitors from 8:00)
Saturday September 17th 2022:                11:00 – 22:00 (exhibitors from 10:00)
Sunday September 18th 2022:                   11:00 – 20:00 (exhibitors from 10:00)

Amsterdam Tattoo Convention 2022



2021 will be moved to 2022

After a little over a year a new news item?
Yes unfortunately so.
Not that nothing has happened in the past year, but because of the almost daily changes
due to Covid-19 it was sometimes impossible to know what to do.
For a long time we had high hopes that we would be up and running again, but the opposite
is true. Unfortunately.

After a long search for the right way to let the convention go through, we have come to the sad
conclusion that it can’t go through this year. The contamination figures are skyrocketing
worldwide, the Delta variant is exploding and more and more countries are closing their
borders. In addition to the Dutch restrictions, it is especially difficult for international participants
to travel. More expensive airline tickets, rising hotel prices, expensive PCR tests, mandatory
quarantine and/or a total flight ban make it impossible to continue.

We hope to give you a new date soon.

All participants and people who have made a stand request have received an email from us.
No mail received? Have you checked your spam? Or did you get a new e-mail address in
the meantime?
Participants whose data is no longer correct are requested to email their new data to
Please don't forget to mention your registration number!



The Amsterdam Tattoo Convention 2020 has been canceled.

Sad but inevitable news.
Under these circumstances, this year's convention cannot take place because of Covid19.
It made us decide to postpone the convention until next year.

The new date is then on 24-25-26 September 2021.
The location remains the NDSM Loods, Amsterdam Noord.

More news will folow...



Yotel Amsterdam

We teamed up with Yotel Amsterdam to give you a discount rate during your stay in Amsterdam.
The hotel is situated nearby the NDSM Loods. It's around a 15 minute walk and by car it will take
you maybe 5 minutes. Hotel guest can park for free.

Please go to the hotel page for more info...



Scammers active!

The time has come again, the first messages from scammers have been reported to us again.

We will NEVER call you to offer hotels / rooms.
When you are called by such a company, hang up.
Don't do business with them!



Online registration is now open.

We've already sent out the first contracts!

When you've made an online stand request it sometimes takes some time
to get an answer.
Please keep an eye on your junk mail. It can happen that
our mail
ends up in your spam.



-Merry Christmas!



New location!

We are very proud to have partnered with NDSM Loods.

Easy to reach by car, bicycle, bus or ferry.
There is sufficient (paid) parking space at NDSM.
The free ferry is accessible for pedestrians and cyclists.
Buses also run from Amsterdam Central Station to NDSM.

The impressive NDSM Loods (warehouse) has stood majestically at the IJ waterfront
for almost a hundred years already. The warehouse is part of the former NDSM shipyard
and is unmistakably a landmark within this monumental industrial area.

The Foundation “Kinetisch Noord” owns and manages the building.
Art City NDSM (“de Kunststad”) is a cultural and artistic breeding ground (“broedplaats”)
with circa 80 workspaces, about 250 creatives and crafts(wo)men work there.
Art City covers around one third of the building’s immense surface.

The other parts of the warehouse are rented out for film- and photoshoots, music shows
and theatre performances, exhibitions, auctions, company trips, dance parties, markets,
conferences and so forth.



Registration for Amsterdam Tattoo Convention 2010 will open on December 15.