House rules

You are more than welcome at the International Amsterdam Tattoo Convention and we hope
that you will greatly enjoy your visit to our convention. In order to keep it fun and safe for you
and others, and to avoid misunderstandings, we have a few house rules:

MC colors and look-a-likes are not permitted!

Wristband (your entry ticket):
The wristband should be put on your wrist immediately after payment at the cash register
and kept on your wrist (visual) at all times during your stay. This will be checked.
Without original (undamaged) wristband you will be send away.

Safety / Security:
Every visitor can/may be checked at the entrance for your and our safety.

Glass bottles are not allowed inside the convention hall. Weapons/knives
and alcohol will be confiscated. Drugs are NOT permitted!

Pictures can be taken during the convention for private purposes. However: always ask permission
from the person being photographed.
Nice pictures are always welcome – send them to us and maybe you’ll see your pictures on our website!
BE AWARE! Photos taken during the convention can always get posted on social media
and/or websites.

Please note:
- Animals are not allowed in the convention hall.
- Smoking is not allowed in the convention hall. (No open fire/candles/incense)
- Eating and drinking in the tattoo stands is not allowed. There is a separate
  area in the convention hall where you can eat and drink.

This is all because of the GG&GD healthcare guidelines for tattoo and piercing.
- Emergency exits/doors may only be used in an emergency.

It is not allowed for visitors to sell/promote/offer ANY product/services at
or near the convention hall and location.

And last but not least:
The organization is not responsible for appointments made between
visitors/artists or sold/bought products or any other offered product/service.

You are very welcome to enjoy and have fun at the event.

Your freedom is stopping when you are disturbing the same freedom of any other
visitors / stand holders / staff / crew.
This is also valid for excessive alcohol use/misuse – do not drink more than you can handle.
We will not tolerate any misbehaving. We will not hesitate to send you away in any case of
alcohol abuse or harassment/disturbing of other visitors / stand holders / staff / crew.

Enjoy and let others enjoy themselves too!