Thorsten Keilitz

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Since Thorsten (31), better known as "Thorstovsky", anchored in Hamburg in 2010, his path led him through several detours in 2015 to his passion as a tattoo artist. In terms of style, he feels at home in detail-loving Blackworks.

From animal motifs, portraits, ornamental and geometric mandalas, to lettering, his work lives mainly from strong contrasts.

He is constantly trying to remain open to new influences, which he incorporates into his own work. He finds inspiration for his art in music, in the urban life of the city as well as in the secluded nature.

In search of an equally inspiring environment, he found his homebase at Tigerstyle Tattooing in 2019. Here he also has enough freedom to pursue his second passion, travelling. As a guest tattoo artist he can be found in friendly studios or at tattoo conventions in Germany and around the world.

General info

Thorsten Keilitz - Tigerstyle Tattooing
Name:Thorsten Keilitz


  1. Black & Grey
  2. Lettering
  3. DOT work