Lea Feitrouni

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Lea Feitrouni is a Lebanese tattoo artist based in Beirut, Lebanon.
She graduated from a BA in Fashion at the age of 21 and after a couple of years decided that it wasn't her calling.
She soon started working as a freelance textile print designer and exploring the different styles of art from cooking to drawing to graffiti and finally
found her passion in tattoos at the age of 25.

She started her tattoo training in Russia and soon after opened her own tattoo studio in Lebanon.
She then began guest spotting in Spain, and then moved from New York, to Arizona, to San Francisco, to Los Angeles, Greece amd Berlin.
She then took her education to another level when she went to Germany for a seminar in miniature realistic tattoos with Inal Bersekov organized
by "Mommy I'm Sorry" tattoo studio.

General info

Lea Feitrouni
Name:Lea Feitrouni


  1. Black & Grey
  2. DOT work