The Glorious Life of Catrinas

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The glorious life of Catrinas

a colourful reminder to enjoy life

The wonderfully colourful Mexican sculptures are 100% handcrafted by artisan families in villages of the center of Mexico.

We hand-pick and import the best Catrinas to Belgium, a tricky feat, as the Catrinas are delicate.

When they first arrive here, we make sure to give them some love and care before they can stand proudly in your living room, restaurant, tattoo shop, or wherever you want them to shine.

Discover this intriguing part of Mexican culture.
Ancient Aztec/Mexica traditions brought to life.
A colourful reminder to enjoy life

Exceptional artisan quality so you can enjoy this work of art for many years to come. Finest Catrinas in the world!

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The Glorious Life of Catrinas
Name:The Glorious Life of Catrinas
Address:Kloosterstraat 162


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