Daylight Saving Time

Mind you, Daylight Saving Time ends in the night of the 26th to the 27th of October.
This means you need to shirt the time one hour BACK.


Matt Gone - Special Guest

Hello, I’m Matt Gone.
I am one of the worlds most tattooed people with over 98 percent of my body
tattooed-including my genitals and tongue.
The palms and soles of the feet are the only untattooed areas. 4 attempts were
made, the ink did not stay in.

My bodysuit is checkered, and based on the classical Harlequin pattern as
shown on my lower back. Most of the tattoos have had 3-6 layers of ink tattooed
into the skin. Parts of me have up to 7 layers of ink. The project was completed
in October 2008 by Henry Goldfield. This is an actual completed body tattoo.
Almost no one finishes.

80 artists have tattooed my body with incredibly complex designs.
Over 500 million people have seen me in the media as a spokesperson for the
rare birth defect, Polands-Syndrome. I got tattooed to not hate my body due to
rare birth defects and have been promoting this concept for 20 years in the media
all over the world.



Motel One

Due to some miscommunication at Motel One they tought all rooms where already fully booked.
Thank god they found out about the problem and opened "our" rooms again.

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Special Guest - Dana Brunson

Dana, owner of Tattoo Designs by Dana, has been tattooing since 1971, and has been
in Cincinnati since 1977. His two studios are conveniently located minutes from
downtown, one in the Northside neighborhood of Cincinnati, and one in Mainstrasse of
Covington, Kentucky.

For Dana Brunson, tattooing isn’t a hobby - it’s been his lifestyle for almost 49 years.
Before Brunson opened his own shop, Tattoo Designs by Dana, in 1986, Cincinnati’s
tattoo scene was almost nonexistent.

This year Dana will work at Amsterdam Tattoo Convention 2019.


Dana Brunson, 1971




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