Nathan Henton

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Nathan Henton is a practicing photographer and student on exchange at KABK (The Royal Academy of Art - Den Haag). His normal study takes place at Falmouth University in Cornwall, UK where he is studying Ba (Hons) Photography.

Nathans personal work mainly focuses on a more contemporary form of “photo-therapy” but most of all he is looking at relationships; relationships with the self, with trauma, the unconsciouse and his subjects.

Commercially, Nathan has worked with MAYN Photo Agency at a variety of events and assignments. He is currently on assignment partnering with the Erasmus Programme and MAYN to create various projects about a students experience of Erasmus and studying at KABK – taking form in Super 8, audio recordings and analogue photography.

At the convention Nathan is hoping to photograph the attendees of the expo within a small studio, creating personal contempory portraits and a documentation of the people that make up the tatted subculture within society.

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Nathan Henton
Name:Nathan Henton


  1. Art - commercial