Alipate J Fetuli

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Alipate Fetuli is a Samoan-American contemporary Polynesian tattooist with roots in both Hawaii and his home state of California. Having been a student in the arts of tattooing for over fifteen years, Alipate has had unique opportunities to learn from influential artists throughout cultures varying from Los Angeles to Hawaii, and now Southern California. Through his humble and passionate dedication to tattooing, Alipate has developed a defined skill set which inspires him and others around him to connect contemporary Polynesian tattoos with the sacred art of Samoan Tatau, paying homage to the many who’ve come before them. Alipate believes in the art and cultural significance of Polynesian tattooing and seeks to inspire future generations to seek knowledge and perpetuate the unique culture, traditions, and spirit of Polynesia.

General info

Alipate J Fetuli
Name:Alipate J Fetuli


  1. Lettering
  2. Tribal / Ethnic
  3. Hand tapping/ Maori / Polynesian / Borneo
  4. Own style