Bibi van de Laar

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Hi there,


i am Muerto Loco, my real name is Bibi.

I paint (already excisting )holy statues in `day of the dead´ or ´dia de los Muertos´- style. I’ve always liked skulls and things like Vanitas Paintings for exactly the meaning it has: death is part of life and life should be celebrated. This combined with all the bright colors and patterns connected to this south American holiday got me to do what I do.

A few years ago I got the opportunity to put some of my statues on display at a tattoo convention. I got noticed by this kustom-art-collective The Popcorn Krew who adopted me right away an dragged me into the Kustom-art World. Since then I learned a lot, gathered even more inspiration by all the excellent artists I met. 

I didn’t do any courses, had no artistic education what so ever, I just do what I like, and learn during the process. It so happens I love everything that goes along with this Kustom Kulture scene: the art, old bikes and cars, tattoos and ofcourse the music. I defenately enjoy what I do, I hope you do too..

General info

Muerto Loco
Name:Bibi van de Laar
City:Den Haag


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