Mauro Amaral

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My name is Mauro Amaral and since I can remember, drawing, illustration and painting are part of my life.

I started tattooing in 2007, but I’ve been was always interested in the tattooing industry. At an early age I began following the career of some of the best and most popular of this art through magazines, books and, nowadays, over the Internet.
As a child I was told I had a talent for drawing and with time, friends began to ask me to design their next tattoo and if I would be able to make it myself, which little by little led me to this business.

I believe that besides being a way of expressing each one’s personality,
a tattoo marks a moment in your life. When, where who you were with when you got it…the emotions you were going through at the time you got it. It may express love, a special moment in time or a need of a memorial for someone you have lost. A tattoo is a mark that empowers you and offers comfort.

I love my job and know I have to be at my best 24/7 to serve my clients. I like challenging pieces, to illustrate all kinds of ideas or reproduce what
I see with the utmost technical quality. Although I like all styles realism
is what fascinates me the most.

I work and practice every day in order to always evolve a bit more and although new to the area, hopefully taking the right steps, investing in
new learning methods, techniques and materials. I look forward to have the opportunity to learn and exchange experiences throughout life.

Enjoy my portfolio and I hope to see you soon.

Thanks Mauro Amaral

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Mauro Amaral - Most Amazing Tattoo Club
Name:Mauro Amaral


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