Maurizio D'Alessandro

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My name is Maurizio D'Alessandro and i have been in the tattoo world for the past 18 years with 10 years of activity at my studio Respect Tattoo Art. I'm specialized in the tribal technique and i prefere mainly Polynesian, Marquesan, Maori and Samoan style. Designing all my works directly freehand on the body. I attended several national and international conventions and i have been collaborating for several years with "Macko Tattoo Shop" by Antonio Todisco and "Milano city ink" by Miki Vialetto. I have a degree at the Academy of fine arts in Naples where my path as a tattoo artist began


General info

Maurizio D'Alessandro - Macko Tattoo Shop
Name:Maurizio D'Alessandro


  1. Tribal / Ethnic
  2. Hand tapping/ Maori / Polynesian / Borneo
  3. Free hand