Lhena Brommels

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Lhena grew up on the island of Maui, a tranquil, tropical haven surrounded by the sparkling waters of the Pacific as far as the eye can see.

An artist since youth, she has been in the body modification industry as a tattoo artist and body piercer for nearly a decade now.  A direct reflection of her lifelong immersion in the cultural melting pot that is Hawaii, her portfolio offers an immensely diverse range of influences.  She enjoys working in all styles and ultimately strives to create a unique, custom piece of art for each indivudal she interacts with. “I just want to give life to your vision.  Make your dreams come true,” she says with a playful smile.

Her favorite styles include dotwork, geometric, ornamental, henna, watercolor/abstract, realism, illustrative, tribal, lettering, cartoon, graffiti, traditional, new-school...well, you get the picture, pretty much everything.  Lhena is currently opening up her own tattoo and piercing studio, Queen of Hearts, in Wailuku, Maui.

She is very much looking forward to visiting the lovely city of Amsterdam and creating some kick-ass tattoos halfway across the world.  See you all at the show—until then, aloha!


To view Lhena‘s most recently updated portfolio, visit her Instagram profile @LhenaLove

Please send all booking inquires via email to LhenaLove@gmail.com


General info

Lhena Brommels - Queen of Hearts
Name:Lhena Brommels


  1. Old School / Traditional
  2. New School
  3. Black & Grey
  4. Lettering
  5. Realistic
  6. DOT work
  7. Tribal / Ethnic
  8. Hand tapping/ Maori / Polynesian / Borneo
  9. Free hand
  10. Other
  11. Watercolor
  12. Allround