Lenka cechura

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Diplomed jeweller and watchmaker, came out of Popular art school in Czech Republic, Lenka Cechura start tattoing in 1997.

Selftauht, she build her own tattoo machines and try them on her punky friends at the time....and become one of few femal tattoo artists in in the late nineties ...


Living and working between France and Czech Republic, Lenka is owner of @Body Lines Tattoo and @Ginkgo Tattoo Atelier Privé.

She is inspired in her art works by classic painters like Hyeronymus Bosch, Alphonse Mucha or Salvator Dali, she prefer to draw and tattoing faces, skulls, birds and flowers in colors or black and grey.

Her tattoo projects are always unique and personalized. 

Free hand tattoo projects are welcome.




General info

Lenka cechura - body lines tattoo
Name:Lenka cechura


  1. Realistic
  2. Japanese / Oriental
  3. Allround