Manifacto Amsterdam presents, Lyle Tuttle: 70 years in Tattoo

On the 30 and 31 October, Manifacto Amsterdam organizes a career celebration
retrospective event with an intimate presentation followed by Q&A with Lyle Tuttle himself.

Intro and talk by Danielle Boiardi – curator of the Lyle Tuttle Art Collection Exhibition.
They will bring a selection of items from the Lyle Tuttle Art Collection, known as the
world’s largest of its kind.

Come and meet Lyle and Danielle, have a drink and learn about his career and
experience in the Tattoo world.



Tickets are sold at the door only!



Lyle Tuttle
Celebrating 70 Years.

Lyle Tuttle’s professional tattoo career spans seven decades and began in San Francisco in 1948.
His 7th St. shop ran from 1960-’89 and was a hotspot for the Summer of Love generation and where
he tattooed many stars including The Allman Brothers, Joan Baez and Janis Joplin.

His cover feature on Rolling Stone magazine on October 1st 1970 helped catapult him to international
fame. His tattooing Janis is widely viewed as a pop culture event that led to women feeling social
acceptance in getting tattoos and marks a solid place in the Women’s Liberation Movement.
His Columbus Ave. shop has been running since 1977 and this year we celebrate the 70th anniversary
of Lyle’s tattoo career. Lyle is the premier authority on Tattoo History and its practices and he’s highly
revered by the tattoo community worldwide. His creative talents include tattoo design, tattoo machine
building, and jewelry design, all of which he has given popular seminars and lectures on to the tattoo
community and general public.

Lyle Tuttle’s Tattoo Art Collection includes the best and most beautiful examples of American and
international tattoo “flash” design sheets, photography of early American tattooed people, tattoo business
cards, and print and artifacts dating back to 400 AD. The Lyle Tuttle Collection documents not just popular
worldwide tattoo culture, but social and multi-cultural history as well. Lyle continues to travel regularly
around the world, and now shares his traveling museum of Tattoo Art History at tattoo conventions with
thousands of people young and old. He has tattooed and been tattooed on every continent, and prides
himself on continuing to broaden his eclectic circle of friends.



Matt Gone

We are happy to welcome as our guest of honor at the convention: Mr. Matt Gone.
This fully tattooed model (from head to eye to toe!) will be present in full color at the 2018 Amsterdam Tattoo Convention!



Hall 7

Not only the date has been adjusted, also the hall where the ATC
will find place has changed. This means that this year we're in hall 7
of RAI Amsterdam.

Not a disaster in itself, you just have to walk 100 meters further...



Johnny Strange

Famed for his innovative stunts, his live shows often include variations of sword swallowing
such as swallowing a magnet then retrieving it by swallowing a sword, swallowing a 2,000 volt
glass neon tube which can be seen glowing through his skin from the inside and swallowing
curved or wavy blades.

Other stunts include feats of speed where he tests the reaction time of the jaws of a bear trap
against the speed of his hand, performing multiple chainsaw stunts, target whip cracking
routines and precision marksmanship with crossbows.



New date!!
2, 3 and 4 November 2018

After a big disappointment, we managed to continue the Amsterdam Tattoo Convention 2018.
Unfortunately, this means that we had to choose a different date.
Fortunately, the location has remained the same.

2, 3 and 4 November
RAI Convention Center, Amsterdam

Team Tattoo Expo



Due to a external misunderstanding it's impossible for us to organize the Amsterdam
Tattoo Convention 2018 on our reserved date at Rai Convention Centre.
At this moment we're working hard to find an solution. Unfortunately this seems to
be quite a challenge.

When we have new information we'll put this on our social media and on the website.

We're sorry for this unfortunate news and hope to bring better news as soon as possible.

Team Tattoo Expo




Registration for the 14th International Amsterdam Tattoo Convention 2018 is open.
You can find the STAND REQUEST button on top of this page.

It's 1 STAND REQUEST form per 1 artist.
If you like to come with a group then each artist needs his/her own STAND REQUEST.

We are looking forward to welcoming you.

Team Tattoo Expo.