Sally-Ann Eilertsen

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Tattooing since 2008.

I like to work with black and grey, semi realism, often combined with brushstrokes and dotwork/blackwork.

Heavily influenced by my own norse heritage and mythology, charcoal drawings, Rock n' Roll, metal music, as well as all things wiccan, gypsy, occult and dark.

I prefer to freehand draw most of, or all my work directly on the clients skin, apart from portraits, those require a stencil (at least for me.).

Regular guestartist at Inkrowd Tattoos in Amsterdam, and resident artist in Oslo, Norway at Symbolic Ink Tattoo Studio.

General info

Sally-Ann Eilertsen - Inkrowd Tattoos Amsterdam
Name:Sally-Ann Eilertsen


  1. Black & Grey
  2. Realistic
  3. Trash
  4. DOT work
  5. Free hand
  6. Own style
  7. Other