Daan Wille

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Daan Wille – Blazin – #teamblazin 

TB is #TeamBlazin abbreviated, an esteemed calligrapher and visual artist hailing from Amsterdam, NL.
As an all-round graphic designer, Daan Wille has also been communicating his own unique approach
through events and concepts. On the crossroad of forward thinking music and nightlife, clothing and street art,
Blazin has gained and maintained a steady support from the most discerned audiences.
As a former Dutch snowboard champion Daan always stayed on the more creative side of life enjoying music, design and art.
But it wasn’t until 2009 that Daan Wille started making his first strokes in calligraphy, inspired by legendary calligraffiti artist Shoe.
Today Daan’s work varies from custom lettering, logo/identity designing, graffiti art and most notably calligraphy.

General info

Daan Wille - Team Blazin
Name:Daan Wille


  1. Graffiti
  2. Calligraphy
  3. Name boards
  4. Art