Sara Koning (Koningart)

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I'm a graduated fine artist and tattooist who loves to make portraits. My work often features a human shape. This could be an eye, limb or a complete portrait. I work mostly with pencils, oil colors and silk screen from time to time.

I’ve always found entrepreneurship fascinating, which is why I decided to continue my studies in a Master’s art and cultural programme at the Erasmus University, to learn more about the functioning and legitimisation of the art world and gaining insight on how to become a creative entrepreneur.

My goal is to create a unique and custom piece of art on a person's skin. If you're curious about my works, stay posted through my website or social media.

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Sara Koning (Koningart) - Walls and Skin
Name:Sara Koning (Koningart)


  1. Black & Grey
  2. Realistic