Gael Cleinow

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Gaël Cleinow aka Hand Job was born and raised in Brussels, the capital of Belgium.
Tattoo artist, performer, musician, painter, street artist, Gael loves to mix influences and likes to define himself as an "audio-visual philosopher".
Always in research of new articulations, manipulations of shapes and interactions with the space and the body, Gael is regularly invited worldwide (Europe, Japan, USA,) to perform his art.
Currently working in Berlin, Brussels , Lisbon.


For any appointment contact Gaël at . And feel free to come say hello at the convention and get a small spontaneous tattoo !

General info

Gael Cleinow - Toe Loop Tattoo
Name:Gael Cleinow


  1. Black & Grey
  2. DOT work
  3. Free hand
  4. Own style