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Hi, I'm Dor Stocker, artist/owner of Dor Stocker Tattoos in Kent, UK.  I've been tattooing for almost 13 years now and catering to the publics artistic needs!  Running a street shop I have always had to adapt to fit whatever style the client wants so I am very varied in styles.  I am a firm believer that being a tattooer is about giving the client what they want and not what I feel like doing that day, building rapports with my clients is really important to me.  I love doing my own take on Traditional old and new school as well as Japanese.  I generally work freehand but will occasionally work by stencil, whatever is best for the tattoo at hand.  I look forward to meeting you, so stop by and say hi!  You can email me for appointments on

General info

Dor Stocker - Dor Stocker Tattoos
Name:Dor Stocker


  1. Old School
  2. New School
  3. Black & Grey
  4. Japanese (traditional designs)
  5. Free hand
  6. Own style