Ruby Santiago

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Ruby Santiago loves body art. She has been a visual artist since she was young, drawing everything and everyone she could see. Her start in tattooing came almost by accident. In 2002 when she was doing temporary body art, a friend suggested she check into an opportunity to apprentice at a busy street shop. The position was not what she had thought it might be but she knew her persistence and good work ethic would pay off and in 2005 she left to go to a high end custom shop where she thrived for almost four years before deciding it was time for a transition.....

Ruby is a member of the National Tattoo Association and has current Blood Borne Pathogens certification through the Alliance of Professional Tattooists. She has a varied work history including management, sales and customer service which all give her a solid foundation for running her custom studio.


General info

Ruby Santiago - Two Birds Tattoo
Name:Ruby Santiago


  1. Black & Grey
  2. Lettering
  3. Realistic
  4. Free hand
  5. Own style
  6. Other