Arjen Kunnen

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My name is Arjen Kunnen and I'm the creator of Northsea Skulls. I’ve been creative my whole life and after I had finished the Academie voor Beeldende Kunst Constantijn Huygens (university of art and sculpture) in Kampen, I started making a living as a decorative painter.
I became so inspired by so many different mediums and aspects of Art. Custom Art, Murals, Lettering, Paint Effects, Spray Paint and Air brush and above all my love for drawing grew.
A few years ago I started apprenticing at a friends tattoo shop, Mana-Ink, which I loved but, due to health issues with my hands, I had to stop.
That’s when Northsea Skulls was born. I had always wanted to do something completely different and the tattoo/metal/horror related things had always appealed to me. In fact the inspiration had arisen from my work as a painter for amusement parks and children's theme attractions.
Skulls have always captured my imagination. They are iconic and their popularity amongst a diverse clientele has encouraged me to press on and create an art individual and unique, not forgetting of course that they just look so damned good…….
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Northsea Skulls
Name:Arjen Kunnen


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