Roxie Rebel

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Sick of all that mainstream behaviour and especially the clothing ..?

*Sigh..I know that feeling ..!

So give that mental middlefinger to all those who misjudge you just by your look .. whether it's your outfit, your haircut or the vehicle you ride .. ;)

Wear the clothes you really like with pride eventhough they can see half of your ass because the skirt is way too short or the tops has too many holes.. so fuckin' what .. It's enough that maybe only you are happy with those things you wear. It's enough that only you like what you wear.

So give in to those moments you wanna wear just how you look or feel or how you want people to see you .. whether it's a Lolita, a punker, a hot rockchick, a whore, a biker, a superhero .. (and I can make this list so very long ..).. I don't care .. wear whatever you wanna wear.. wear something that's just you.

Hopefully I have what ya looking for .. or better .. or cuter .. or tougher .. or sexier .. or just more you ..

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Name:Roxie Rebel


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