***we have few last minute cancelations - check the artist list*** 




Blood painter: Rev was not able to exit australia and will not come to the convention


update 30/5/2012 - this will be the LAST update.


Grafitti photos are on-line soon.


Update 28/5/2012 HALL MAP:



Update 9/5/2012 Silverback Ink USA - XXX series - EU Release

at Amsterdam tattoo convention 1-3 june 2012 by COLD-SKIN tattoo supply. Black, White, Clear & Grey wash (light/light-medium/medium/dark). Tested & certificated for Europe. Sterilized in The Netherlands.



Update 9/5/2012 Tattooed wooden shoe-contest

Unique new contest! During the Amsterdam Tattoo Convention 2012, we will organize a wooden shoe contest. We have 140 typical Dutch wooden shoes available and we would like to give artists the opportunity to make a masterpiece of this wooden shoe. At the end of the last day, Sunday the 3rd of June, all the wooden shoes will be judged and the winner will be announced! After the contest, we’ll try to auction the tattooed wooden shoes. The proceeds of the auction will be donated to charity.

Hereby we ask all of the artists coming to the convention, to bring some painting equipment to make the best wooden shoe!